Twingiant was formed in the spring of 2010 to fulfill the band members’ desire to play loud-as-shit, heavy music. They are based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Twingiant has played with such acts as Windhand, Thrones, Danava, The Atlas Moth, Saviours, Intronaut, Black Cobra, Black Tusk, St. Vitus, Lo Pan, Pallbearer, Metal Church and even Guttermouth. They also played at Denver Doomfest II and Southwest Terror Fests I and most recently III.


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Awesome review of Devil Down by Echoes and Dust

“Whilst there is an entire sub-culture (if that is the right word) of self financed and independent bands around these days, just sometimes you stumble across a band that makes you wonder how on earth the music industry could be so dense as to not notice them and snap them up for exposure on a […]

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